Welcome, on this site I want to log my experiences of converting our Feeling 29DI sailing yacht “It Paradyske” (Little Paradise) from diesel to electric propulsion.

Why electric?

“Because it is possible?” “Why not?”
“Because it is silent!”
Because I like to build things and this is a beautiful challenge.

Because we are sailors and love sailing. The silence, being propelled by the wind.

But you’ll have a limited range, not enough power etc.
Yes, our motor range will be limited, but on the other hand, we hate motoring. We sail when possible, even if the wind and the tide is against us. Last year (2018) we only had 25 engine hours. This years holiday we had days we didn’t use the motor at all, sailing from anchorage to anchorage.
And a diesel is so old fashioned technology (1893). (OK perhaps the electric engine is even older, 1837). But a diesel is smelly, noisy, and lots of vibrations, every year you have to change oil, winterize etc.

So yes, I like to go electric.