Results of the first trial

We did an upwind and downwind run with different currents and noted all the results. By the way, the prop is a 15 x 9 Flex-o-fold folding propeller.

And here are all the results in OpenOffice format:

2 thoughts on “Results of the first trial”

  1. Congratulations Hans. You combined several expertises: electronics, batterypower, electromechanics, telecommunications, boatpropulsion. Holy moly. What weight have you added, however you got rid of 2?0 kg dieselengine and tank. Remarkable project.

  2. Hi Carel, thanks! I think I added approximately 50-70 kg. The diesel engine is approx. 110 kg, the electric one is 60-70 kg. And the rest of course are the batteries.

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