Again a good hint from Daniel Boekel, he bought a batch of used Winston LiFePO4 batteries, approximately 155 – 160 Ah capacity left. So, I bought 32 of them, to have approx. 15 kWh of battery capacity.

The batteries, Winstons LiFePO4

The batteries were used in electric buses, some of them failed, so they replaced the whole batch. I bought them for approximately one third of the price of new cells.

To make the connections between the cells I use strips of aluminium 30 x 2 or 4 mm. Of course I could have used copper, but that is harder to get, more expensive, and a thicker slab of aluminium has approximately the same resistance. Oh, always use a little bit of silicon grease between the connections, to prevent corrosion.

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  1. Dear Hans,

    So impressive how you repower this boot.
    Nice to read, see movie’s and picture’s.

    Good job!

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